Bloons Tower Defense 3 – The Ultimate Strategy Guide (2024)

One of the all-time classic tower defense games is back, Bloons Tower Defense 3. In this game, players must defend wave after wave of incoming balloons from reaching their base. Players have loved this game for years because of the fast-paced gameplay and seemingly endless creativity that you can use to defend your base.

For those of you who either haven’t played Bloons Tower Defense 3, or just need a quick refresher, we have got you covered. This blog will go over the general controls and game mechanics of Bloons Tower Defense 3, and then hop into some strategies for this tower defense game. Some are advanced and some are for complete novices. Either way, there is something for everyone in this article. Continue on to learn about how to play Bloons Tower Defense 3.

Objective of Bloons Tower Defense 3

As stated before, the objective of Bloons Tower Defense 3 is to pop every single balloon that comes in each wave. There are several different kinds of balloons, including lead balloons that need explosives to be popped and MOABs (Massive Ornary Air Blimps) that take a crazy amount of hits to pop.

There are hardly any controls to learn in Bloons Tower Defense 3. Really all you have to know is that to place a tower you must click on the corresponding icon and then place it on any empty space. To upgrade the towers, click on them again and there will be two different upgrade options on the right. If the options are red, then you do not have enough money to buy the upgrades. If they are light green, then you can afford to upgrade the tower. If they are dark green, then you have already upgraded the tower to its maximum potential.

Bloons Tower Defense 3 Strategies

The controls of Bloons Tower Defense 3 are easy, but there are a lot of things that can go wrong when it comes to players' tactics. Read on to learn about some solid strategies on how to play Bloons Tower Defense 3. These tips will help you fend off waves upon waves of balloons and reach the end of the game.

Get a Monkey Beacon

The monkey beacon is one of the least utilized towers in the game despite it being one of the most useful. If any of your towers are in the monkey beacon’s range, they will have their range increased significantly. Along with this, the monkey beacon can be upgraded to send out a monkey storm that will wipe out all of the balloons on the map. While it costs quite a few coins to activate, it is well worth it when you are in a pinch.

Keep towers central

It is important to try and keep most of your towers near the center of the map. This will make the most of their range. Along with this, when you place your monkey beacon in the center of the map, it will be able to reach more of your towers and assist them even more.

Upgrade a ton

Bloons Tower Defense 3 – The Ultimate Strategy Guide (1)

One of the key parts of Bloons Tower Defense 3 is upgrading each of your towers. These upgrades can do lots of different things, from expanding the range of your towers to increasing the power of their attacks. It is extremely important that you upgrade your towers so that they can reach their full potential. As balloons get faster and more powerful each round, your towers should do the same.

Spikes are a good last resort

Players can lay down a set of spikes that will pop ten layers of balloons. This is a good last resort if there are a few balloons that have escaped your clutches and begun to head straight toward your base. Laying down spikes is an especially useful strategy when players are just learning how to play Bloons Tower Defense 3 and are often making small mistakes.

Have a dart monkey at the end

Rather than placing spikes at the end of the map, a lot of players opt to get a dark monkey to clean up whatever balloons manage to make it past their main level of defense. This is a good last resort to have, especially if players feel like their defenses are a little bit weak.

Make sure to have a cannon by level 20

By level 20, lead balloons will begin to invade your defenses. Make sure to have a cannon that can blow up these balloons. Any regular kind of dart won’t do the trick. Even a super monkey will not be able to take down a lead balloon with regular darts.

Change cannons to hit the last balloons

When you place down a tower, it will automatically focus on the first balloons that start attacking your base. While this is generally a good strategy, some towers are better equipped to try and hit the last of the balloons. For example, cannons should be set to ‘last’ in order to try and hit the slow lead balloons that fall behind the faster red balloons. While this seems like a small detail, it actually makes a big difference in the later levels.

Be prepared for a MOAB after level 35

We won’t tell you the exact level, but there is a MOAB that is coming sometime soon past level 35. Be prepared for this terrifying tank of balloons. It can oftentimes be a round-ender, so make sure that you have plenty of monkeys that can take it down. If you can, get a super monkey by this round. They are the best counter to MOABs because of their high firing rate.

Bloons Tower Defense 3 – The Ultimate Strategy Guide (2024)


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