Versus Series Omega - Chapter 25 - Festivewillow69 (2024)

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Son Goku


He is a Saiyan sent to Earth as a baby by his father Bardock to escape the destruction of the planet Vegeta and the Saiyan race. Adopted by Grandpa Gohan, he became a kind-hearted boy after he bumped his head, starting his great adventures. After defeating Kid Buu, Goku works as a radish farmer before learning of the existence of the phenomenally powerful God of Destruction Beerus and seeks to fight and surpass him. In the process, he is introduced to the universes that exist beyond his own, and the amazing warriors that they contain.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Master Martial Artist,

Limited Longevity (Known intergalactically as the "warrior race of the universe", Saiyans have evolved to remain in their physical prime for a long period of time. Their bodies remain child-like for several years before rapidly growing into their adult bodies, and they age slowly after reaching their prime in order to remain young and battle-ready for decades; after reaching a certain age, however, they rapidly grow frail. Additionally, Saiyans have a longer lifespan than humans),

Ki Manipulation (Master Level),

Ki Sensing (Can locate others by reading their Ki, detect malicious intent, differences in power levels, and beings in different dimensions),

Damage Boost (Can increase the power of his attacks by concentrating his Ki into a single point to do more damage),

Enhanced Senses (Saiyans have exceptional senses, allowing them to locate small, distant objects by tracking their smell and see clearly over long distances. Track the movements of others even in pitch black conditions by feeling vibrations in the air.),

Supernatural Willpower (Able to endure poison that takes immense will and spirit to survive. Being able to use Kaioken far beyond King Kai's capability which can heavily damage and destroy the user's body.),

Enhanced Analytical Prediction (Can predict opponents based on movement, sense malicious intent, and feel small current of air.),

Shockwaves Generation (Can create powerful shockwaves via Kiai that can also cancel out Ki attacks),

Information Analysis (Capable of analyzing his opponent's fighting styles, habits and techniques allowing him to adapt, predict and react accordingly.),



Afterimage Creation,

Power Mimicry (Can easily replicate other fighting techniques after seeing them once.),

Light Manipulation (Can create flashes of light via Solar flare to blind opponents and Super Saiyan forms can glow in pitch-black conditions.),

Minor Electricity Generation (As a Super Saiyan 2 and 3, he releases electric bolts around his body.),

Stealth Mastery and Limited Perception Manipulation (With his sharpened spirit, Goku mastered the ability of "crouching as quiet as the sky and striking quick than lightning", dampening his presence completely including scant air movements and his footsteps and erasing his own Ki; thus, allowing him to optimize his movements and elude the senses of opponents completely.),

Teleportation, Dimensional Travel and BFR (Via Instant Transmission),

Status Effect Inducement (Via Blindness, Solar Flare is a technique that causes blindness with flashes of light),

Accelerated Development (Training, Battle; Physical Stats, Abilities - As a Saiyan, Goku grows stronger every time he fights and can become stronger in the midst of combat, vastly increasing in strength whenever he is mortally injured),

Statistics Amplification (Goku can greatly enhance his capabilities with Kaio-ken, potentially by up to twenty times),

Pressure Point Strikes,

Transformation (Can transform into a Super Saiyan 1, 2 & 3, increasing his capabilities drastically),

Energy/Ki Absorption (Can absorb Ki through Spirit Bomb, absorbed God Ki into his base, and then during the Tournament of Power saga, he absorbed the energy of the Spirit Bomb and used it as a temporary energy battery to fight.),

Heat Manipulation (His power, along with Beerus', was stated to scorch the air by Piccolo and overheated Bulma's ship. Contributed half of the energy that created the Beerus Ball),

Adaptation (Can adapt to Gravity),

Limited Instinctive Action (Instinctively avoided Beerus who was about to attack, surprising Beerus. Instinctively avoided Bulma's attack.),

Dimensional Travel, Sound Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation and Portal Creation (At this level of power he can create dimensional rifts and destroy space-time and pocket dimensions with his energy.),

Resistance to:

Poison Manipulation (Survived after drinking the Water of the Gods),

Paralysis Inducement (Could escape Frieza's Imprisonment Ball at the last moment),

Harsh Temperatures (Can fight in the upper atmosphere where the temperature is extremely cold. Survived and trained extensively for three years within the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, which has temperatures that range from -40F to 248F. Survived re-entry into Earth's atmosphere while unconscious),

Extreme Heat (Endured the heat of the Beerus Ball, which was stated to be capable of evaporating anything in its vicinity),

Disease Manipulation (Saiyans are immune to the Extinction Bomb, which releases a planet-wide supervirus aimed at extinguishing the targeted population and has been stated to work on other alien planets in the past.),

Radiations (Can fight in the upper atmosphere where radiation levels are exceedingly high.),

All previous abilities massively enhanced.

Enhanced Ki Sensing (Can sense God Ki)

Regeneration (Low-Mid; Was stabbed through the stomach and left on the verge of bleeding out, before healing the wound over once revivified)

Resistance to:

Extrasensory Perception (Cannot be sensed by beings lesser than a God)

All previous abilities from Base.

Enhanced Ki Sensing (After his training with Whis, he can now sense God Ki in his base form)

More Transformations (Can transform into a Super Saiyan God & Super Saiyan Blue, increasing his capabilities astronomically)

Greater Analytical Prediction (During his fight against Hit, he managed to predict his movements after he skipped time by 0.1 seconds, allowing Goku to counter Hit's Time-Skip ability. Eventually, Hit improved his Time-Skip and Goku's analytical prediction didn't work. In the middle of the fight, Goku's analytical prediction got better as he used the Kaioken to intercept Hit's Time-Skip. However, Hit improved his Time Skip to the point where even that failed. In their second fight, Goku tells Hit that his Time-Skip will no longer work on him, despite the fact that he knows that Hit can improve his Time-Skip.),

Limited Weather Manipulation (Creates stormy weather when turning on his Super Saiyan form),

Space-Time Manipulation (Was able to destroy Hit's pocket dimension),

Resistance to:

Electricity Manipulation (Unaffected by Fusion Zamasu's Lightning of Absolution after he and Vegeta powered up further in Super Saiyan Blue),

Forcefield Creation (Can create barriers that can keep out Poisons),

Healing (Restarted his heart when it was "crushed" by Hit),

Explosion Manipulation (Via Ki made land mines),

Non-Physical Interaction (Caused a ripple effect on Infinite Zamasu via a Ki blast and blocked intangible Ki blasts from Hit),

Resistance to:

Void Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Soul Destruction and Limited Spatial Manipulation (Withstood the Destruction Energy Ball of a God of Destruction, which could erase beings, objects, energy blasts and even souls from existence, and warped the World of Void.)

Empathic Manipulation (Was unaffected by Ribrianne's Light of Love, which causes anyone who smells the aroma released by the attack to become infatuated with her and the other Kamikaze Fireballs.),

All previous abilities massively enhanced.

Paralysis Inducement (Via God Bind, which allows him to paralyze an opponent in place from a distance)

Resistance to:

Magma Manipulation (Flew through lava as a Super Saiyan Blue in the Broly Saga)

All previous abilities greatly enhanced.

Greater Accelerated Development (Constantly evolved while fighting. Piccolo stated that with every strike Goku became stronger and faster)

Ultra Instinct

Limited Air Manipulation (Goku can launch a barrage of air attacks)

Limited Power Nullification (Nullified Jiren's Ki blast)

Weaknesses: Goku seeks strong opponents and will, therefore allowing his opponents to reach their full power for the sake of a good fight. Kaio-ken strains his body, causing him intense pain and exhaustion if he overuses it. He often drops his guard and leaves openings for his opponents whenever he gets distracted, lowering his durability.
Pegasus Seiya:

Seiya is one of the Goddess Athena's eighty-eight mythical warriors known as Saints, who have served their goddess throughout the ages, protecting justice and peace on Earth. Being the one chosen by the Pegasus Constellation in the 20th Century, Seiya is among the 52 Bronze Saints.

Seiya is a person of burning blood and a fiery heart, often acting in impulsive and daring ways. However, he is brave, kind-hearted, and selfless, always willing to sacrifice himself for justice, his friends, and Athena. Ultimately, his most notable characteristic is his absolute determination and refusal to ever give up, even when faced with impossible odds.

Pegasus Seiya is the reincarnation of the previous Pegasus Saint, Tenma. He is also the First Pegasus Saint, who fought alongside Athena at the end of the Mythological Era and was the first human to ever harm Hades, the God of the Underworld.

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,

Matter Manipulation and Soul Manipulation (Atomic destruction, The cloth armor of the saints it endowed with the power of Cosmo. Their every attack is also imbued with the power Cosmo, which not only destroys atoms, but also harms the soul),

Energy Manipulation,

Aura, and Heat Manipulation (Upon powering up their Cosmo they cause the area around them to burn up with intense heat, and their attacks are also imbued with heat),

Extrasensory Perception (Under the 6th sense),

Enhanced Senses (They are capable of tracking events taking place over a large distance including other realms. Can also hear bones breaking from a distance away. In addition, the Saints also have an additional sense known as the 6th sense),

Reactive Power Level (The skills of the Saints continues to improve throughout their fights, and they continue to get stronger every time they get knocked down),

Reactive Evolution (Can analyze and comprehend the components of an enemy's attack after seeing it once, and adapt to it),


Pressure Points (The Star Life Points are pressure points on the body),

Probability Manipulation, and Statistics Amplification (Through the Power of Miracles impossibilities can be turned into certain possibilities, as well as increase their stats such as speed, and power),

Summoning (Saints can summon their cloths),

Danmaku (When using Pegasus Ryusei Ken),

Supernatural Willpower,

Attack Reflection (Reflected the Marble Tripper Back at Lizard Misty. Reflected the Great Horn back at Taurus Aldebaran),

Resistance to Heat Manipulation,

Soul Manipulation, and Matter Manipulation (All attacks are imbued with the power of Cosmo, and as such, they have taken many attacks from other Cosmo users which consist of high temperatures, atomic destruction, and soul destruction),

Illusions (The 6th Sense allows someone to see through external illusions),

Cold Energy Manipulation (The Bronze Saints freeze at temperatures of -240 Degrees Fahrenheit),

Perception Manipulation,

Electricity Manipulation (Cosmo users can withstand 10,000 volts)

All previous abilities, Matter Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, and Temperature Manipulation (7th sense users can cause destroy matter down the level below Quarks. Causing damage to a Gold Cloth requires a power that can break apart matter that exist below Quarks. Gold Saints have fought each other, and those equal or above them causing damage to their Gold Cloths. Gold Saints such as Capricorn Shura cut twenty billion souls at once and Cancer Deathmask (Saint Seiya) can destroy twenty billion souls all at once. The power of Ohm could also affect twenty billion souls. Gold Saints can reach temperatures of over a million degrees when focusing their attacks),

Extrasensory Perception (By having an additional sense above the five basic senses and the sixth known as the "7th sense"),

Regeneration (Low-Mid)

All previous resistances, and Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Temperature Manipulation, and Matter Manipulation (The power of the 7th sense allows someone to become comparable to the Gold Saints. The Main five bronze saints used the 7th sense to overcome the Gold Saints),

Illusions (The 7th sense allows the users to perfectly see the environment around them),

Dream Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Perception Manipulation (Via the 7th. Which allows the user to be aware of their surroundings even when the 5 basic senses, and the mind, has been shut off),

Cold Energy Manipulation (Gold cloths, and 7th Sense Users, freeze at -459 degrees fahrenheit),

Improved resistance to Electricity Manipulation (7th sense are not affected by 10,000 volts),

Existence Erasure,

Void Manipulation,

All previous abilities, Resurrection, and Immortality (Type 4 - After obtaining the 8th sense, he gained absolute control of his own soul and can resurrect himself),

Incorporeality (exist without a body, as a soul),

Regeneration (Low Godly Regeneration - Users of the 8th Sense and create a new body for themselves after it has been wholly destroyed),

Extrasensory Perception (With the "8th Sense" which exist beyond the five basic senses, the sixth, and the seventh),

All previous resistances, and Resistance to Death Manipulation and Law Manipulation (The Underworld kills anyone that is "Alive" when entering into it, but 8th sense users can enter it alive. The 8th sense allows the user to overcome the laws that Hades had created),

Acausality (Through Athena's Divine Ichor),

Space-Time Manipulation (Through Athena's divine ichor)

All previous abilities,

Holy Manipulation, and Flight

All previous resistances, and Resistance to Absolute Zero (God Cloths require temperature hundreds of times colder than Absolute Zero to freeze them)

Weaknesses: Very impulsive and brash.
Song: God Saints?

Under the vast open sky of the Lookout, Goku stood at the center of the platform, a determined look on his face. He held the seven mythical Dragon Balls, their radiant power a testament to their mystical might. Carefully, he placed the Dragon Balls into position, their formation complete for the summoning of a wish. Goku's anticipation and excitement grew as he prepared to make his heartfelt wish upon the legendary orbs of the Dragon.

"Eternal Shenron! By your name, I summon you forth!"

The skies above the Lookout rumbled with a low, ominous sound as Goku's voice echoed throughout the heavens, invoking the name of the Eternal Shenron. The ground beneath them trembled, and a brilliant pillar of light burst forth from the gathered Dragon Balls, reaching out to the skies. The transformation into the colossal, serpentine figure was imminent, and the air became charged with a sense of otherworldly energy.

As the pillar of light reached its zenith, the sky suddenly darkened, and a colossal, serpentine figure began to take shape. It was the Eternal Dragon himself, the majestic Shenron, appearing before Goku with an aura of immense power. The atmosphere crackled with otherworldly energy as Shenron declared,

"I am Shenron, the eternal guardian of the Dragon Balls. I shall grant you any wish that lies within the bounds of my power."

Goku's face lit up with excitement and anticipation at the grand entrance of the Eternal Dragon, Shenron. He took a deep breath, mentally preparing himself for the momentous moment. With a steady yet determined voice, Goku called out,

"Eternal Shenron, my first wish is to have someone around my level to spar with. It doesn't have to be right this instant, but when I make my three wishes clear, that's when you can bring them here."

Shenron, the eternal Dragon, listened closely to Goku's first wish. He nodded gently, understanding the earnest desire for a sparring partner of equal strength.

"Your first wish to have someone around your level to spar with. Fear not, Saiyan warrior. I shall grant your wish, and when the time comes for your next two wishes, I will summon a worthy opponent to test your skills." Shenron echoed, his voice carrying with it the weight of cosmic power.

Goku's gaze remained fixed on Shenron, his anticipation growing with each passing second. As the enormous dragon granted his first wish, a smile spread across the Saiyan's face. Knowing that he would soon have a sparring partner of equal strength filled him with excitement.

"Thank you, Eternal Shenron."

He replied, offering the Dragon a respectful nod.

"I can't wait to test my skills against someone who can truly push me to my limits. Now, my second wish is that when the battle is over, I want any damage and possible loss of life to be restored to before our fight. I don't want anything to irreversibly suffer just because of our match."

Shenron, the enormous dragon, acknowledged Goku's second wish, his eyes glowing with mysterious fire as he listened intently. With a solemn nod, he agreed to the terms.

"So it shall be, Saiyan warrior. When the time of battle has passed, I shall ensure that the damage and loss of life shall be restored, returning all to how it was before the clash. Such is my power and the task you have laid upon me."

Goku's face glowed with satisfaction as Shenron confirmed his second wish. He felt proud and confident that when the time came for his sparring match with his equal, there would be no unintended consequences. With a newfound sense of purpose, the Saiyan turned to the eternal dragon, preparing for his final wish.

"Eternal Shenron, last wish is when the battle ends, whoever I face is returned to wherever they were before I summoned them."

Goku declared. Shenron, the ancient guardian dragon, nodded in agreement as Goku expressed his last wish, his eyes burning with the intensity of his ancient power.

"Your final wish, Saiyan warrior, is indeed within my power to grant. When the time comes for the battle to end, I shall return your opponent to the place they were before your summons."

Shenron replied, the very air around them filling with the sense of promise and finality.

"Your wishes shall be granted." Using its power, it started to summon Goku's greatest match yet. Goku's heart raced with anticipation and excitement as he listened to Shenron's response, knowing that the time had finally come to meet his greatest opponent yet. He could hardly wait for the imminent arrival of this legendary foe, whose strength would surely match his own. As Shenron departed, and the Dragon Balls split up across the sky, a brilliant light shined, before standing before Goku was the Broze Saint, Pegasus Seiya.

The Bronze Saint stood before Goku, who was confused by his unexpected supernatural summons. Goku couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement as he lay eyes on the legendary Warrior of Athena. With a hint of curiosity in his voice, he called out,

"Alright! It's an honor to meet you."

Seiya stared back at Goku, his eyes sharp. He doesn't know where he is, or who his opponent is, so the Bronze Saint of Athena asks,

"Who are you? And how did I get here?"

Goku's smile widened upon hearing Seiya's question, understanding the Bronze Saint's confusion.

"My name's Goku!"

He replied, excitement ringing through his voice.

"But more importantly, I'm a warrior just like you. Oh, and I used the Dragon Balls to bring you here! I wanted to test my skills against someone extraordinary like you!"

Seiya's eyes widened as Goku answered his questions, the realization setting in that he had been transported to another world through the power of the Dragon Balls. His curiosity piqued, the Bronze Saint of Athena stated,

"Alright then, Goku. You went through the trouble of bringing me here. Let's see what you've got."

Goku could feel the adrenaline coursing through his veins, his competitive spirit igniting as Seiya accepted his challenge. A wide smile spread across his face as he readied himself for their epic contest.

"Let's begin!"

Goku cried out, his voice echoing through the air as he prepared to clash with the legendary Bronze Saint of Athena.

Goku stood ready, his body poised for action. In a split second, he dug his foot into the ground and pushed up a bit of dirt. With eyes firmly locked on Seiya, he readied himself for a swift strike, mentally preparing for the Bronze Saint's potential counterattack. The wind danced around them, causing their hair to flutter gently. Seiya too, eyed Goku with an intense gaze and exhaled deeply, his breath steady, waiting for the perfect moment to make his move.

The air seemed to crackle with energy as Goku and Seiya charged toward one another, an explosion of mighty force and intensity erupting with their every movement. In a moment of perfect synchronization, they withdrew their arms and then, with a burst of strength and speed, unleashed a powerful punch with their right fists, aiming straight for each other. The two attacks connected in a colossal collision, sending a powerful shockwave coursing through the air, ripping apart the ground beneath them and knocking them apart in a flash of speed. The sheer force of their collision left a trail of destruction in its wake.

Goku swiftly raised his hands, funneling his inner energy, known as Ki, into them with practiced ease. The golden Ki energy coalesced between his palms, before he unleashed a barrage of powerful ki shots that spiraled through the air in all different directions, swirling around Seiya in a dizzying dance. With incredible agility and precision, the Bronze Saint skillfully dodged and neutralized most of the ki blasts, save for the final one that came hurtling back toward him. Goku, anticipating the counterattack, nimbly blocked it with a swift swipe of his arm.

Goku leaped into the air with unparalleled agility and charged towards Seiya, his movement swift and determined, throwing a powerful punch with immense force. Seiya countered quickly, catching Goku's punch with his own hands, but he wasn't prepared for Goku's next move. Taking advantage of the caught punch, Goku grabbed onto Seiya's arm and hurled him toward the ground with impressive strength. Seiya landed on his feet, the impact of the throw causing the floor of the Lookout to crack beneath him, the sheer force of the attack resonating throughout the area.

As Seiya stood on the cracked ground of the Lookout, he tilted his head upwards, locking his eyes onto Goku, who hovered tantalizingly out of reach in the air. Recognizing the need to reach him, Seiya pushed himself off the ground with all his might, launching himself into the sky. On his back, the Pegasus Cloth responded to his call, materializing a pair of metal wings that unfurled with a metallic gleam, granting him the power of flight. Seiya propelled himself upwards, narrowing the distance between him and Goku in the boundless sky above.

Goku propelled himself forward through the sky, leaving a trail of transparent ki behind him as he circled around Seiya, gaining more and more speed. Swiftly closing the gap, Goku unleashed a powerful roundhouse kick aimed at Seiya's side. But in a feat of remarkable reflexes and defensive prowess, Seiya swiftly braced his shoulder to intercept the attack, neutralizing Goku's attempt with a well-timed block.

In a sudden shift of the battle, Seiya seized Goku's leg with impressive speed and commenced spinning him around in the air, exerting tremendous force to expel Goku from his grip. Seiya swiftly pursued Goku, closing the distance between them in a flurry of evasive maneuvering. Once within range, Seiya unleashed a powerful right hook, which Goku deftly parried. Seiya, however, displayed remarkable agility and swiftly circumvented Goku's defense, launching a swift left punch into Goku's chest. The punch connected with a resounding impact.

While reeling from the powerful blow unleashed upon him, Goku swiftly countered with a one-two punch combo, a swift right kick, and finally, an unexpected left uppercut that sent Seiya spiraling through the air, temporarily stunned. Seiya's wings briefly flapped, attempting to stabilize his flight. However, Goku seized the opportunity to intercept Seiya's descent, delivering a forceful sledgehammer blow to his back, plunging him back towards the earth. Despite the onslaught, Seiya displayed remarkable resilience, quickly regaining control and hovering mid-air. With impressive focus, Goku gathered ki within his hands, preparing to unleash his signature technique, the Kamehameha. With a fierce cry of echoing through the air, he yelled,


Goku released an intense beam of blue energy toward Seiya. However, the Bronze Saint's quick reflexes came into play as he managed to deflect the attack back at Goku, redirecting the powerful Kamehameha toward the Saiyan warrior. Goku, caught off guard for a moment, swiftly recovered and blocked his own attack, defending himself against the redirected energy. As the explosion subsided, Goku couldn't help but let out a playful chuckle, impressed by Seiya's ability to deflect his attack. With a gleeful tone, Goku proclaimed,

"Hehe, you were able to deflect that so easily! But how about this?! Solar Flare!"

In an instant, Goku emitted a blindingly brilliant light, rivaling the intensity of the sun itself. This unexpected offensive maneuver overwhelmed Seiya's vision, causing him to squint and shield his eyes from the intense glare. Seiya groaned loudly, his vision temporarily disoriented by the overpowering light. Taking advantage of Seiya's momentary disorientation, Goku seized the opportunity to prepare an even more powerful version of his signature attack, the Kamehameha. Gathering an immense amount of energy within his hands, Goku shouted out,

"Kaaaaaa... mee...haaaaaa...meeeeee...haaaaaa!"

In a burst of raw power, the attack surged forward in a torrent of intense blue energy, pushing Seiya relentlessly further back. The sheer force of the blast sent shockwaves rippling through the air, the impact of the attack showcasing the immense power contained within it. With a determined grit, Seiya pushed himself in a powerful slide, escaping the intense assault of Goku's Kamehameha. Filled with relentless determination, Seiya swiftly propelled himself towards Goku at incredible speed, reeling back a formidable punch.

"Pegasus Ryusei Ken!" Seiya unleashed a flurry of 100 consecutive cosmic speed punches, each one landing with an immense force that sent shockwaves rippling through Goku's body. The barrage of punches, delivered at an astonishing pace, inflicted a succession of powerful impacts, each one sending shockwaves echoing through the fight scene.

As the relentless barrage of Seiya's Pegasus Ryusei Ken punches continued, a sudden surge of golden aura enveloped Goku's fist, making a powerful impact with Seiya's face that knocked the Saint backwards. It was at this moment that Goku's body began to swell with an overwhelming energy. Then, in a dazzling transformation, his body burst into a vibrant golden aura, showcasing his ascension into the legendary Super Saiyan form. His hair now shone with an intense golden glow, standing straight up like a testament to the immense power now surging within him. As Goku observed the remarkable speed of Seiya's attack, he smiled confidently and remarked,

"Man, talk about fast. I better step things up a notch."

Goku's aura intensified, radiating an even more intense golden glow. With a burst of speed, Goku darted through the air like a golden streak, appearing in front of Seiya in a blindingly rapid motion. Seiya managed to raise his guard just in time, barely blocking the punch with his own. The force of the impact sent them rocketing through the sky in a blur of movement, the whirlwind of their fight continuing at breakneck speed.

Goku swirled gracefully in the air, delivering a powerful shoulder strike that knocked Seiya back, temporarily stunning the Bronze Saint. Without a moment's pause, Goku swiftly unleashed a rapid flurry of lightning-fast kicks, targeting Seiya with relentless precision. Initially overwhelmed by the onslaught, Seiya struggled to keep up with the unrelenting barrage of attacks. However, as the fight progressed, Seiya gradually adapted and began to counter some of the kicks, demonstrating his quick reflexes and fighting prowess against Goku's aggressive assault.

As Seiya began to adjust to the rhythm of Goku's kicks, Goku executed a sudden move, throwing a powerful punch that landed squarely in Seiya's gut. The impact sent Seiya reeling, but Goku didn't slow down. With lightning-fast precision, Goku swiftly ascended above Seiya and brought his hands together, charging up his formidable signature technique once more. The energy crackled around him as he roared,


Goku unleashed a powerful Kamehameha, his attack taking the form of a vibrant blue beam of energy. The beam propelled Seiya downward, crashing into the ground and triggering an explosion upon impact. Goku swiftly followed after, dropping from the sky and using his golden aura to disperse the surrounding dust, exposing Seiya's figure in the clearing air. With his back turned to Goku, Seiya stood up, preparing for the next challenge in the ongoing battle.

Demonstrating his impressive agility, Goku hurled a rapid ki shot toward Seiya, expecting a direct collision. Surprisingly, Seiya effortlessly evaded the incoming ki bullet with a swift sidestep, showcasing his sharp reflexes, even with his back turned. In response, Goku launched a powerful punch, but before it could connect, Seiya deftly ducked beneath the attack and unleashed a quick rising kick, striking Goku in the chin. The impact startled Goku, leaving him momentarily disoriented. With a fierce cry, Seiya called out,

"Pegasus Ryusei Ken!" Unleashing another onslaught of powerful punches, Seiya rained down a multitude of strikes upon Goku. The relentless barrage caught the Super Saiyan off guard, propelling him higher into the air with each successive hit. The intensity behind the blows created a whirlwind of wind and force that continued to push Goku further upwards.

In a blur of speed and precision, Goku swiftly appeared behind Seiya, launching a sharp left jab that the Bronze Saints managed to block just in time. In a split second, Seiya retaliated with formidable punching speed, nearly connecting with Goku's head. The ensuing exchange transformed into an almost too fast to follow flurry of blows and blocks, with each punch countered with lightning-fast reflexes. Their silhouettes became a whirlwind of motion, the air around them alive with the whirlwind of their perfectly timed attacks and defenses, like a meticulously choreographed dance of power and skill.

With a well-executed dodge, Seiya seized the opportunity to land a powerful punch into Goku's gut. Not wasting a second, he seized Goku's blue undershirt and soared into the air at incredible speed, pulling Goku along. Reaching soaring heights, Seiya swiftly executed the Pegasus Rolling Crush, forcefully slamming Goku straight down into the ground. Goku's body sank into the Earth, causing the ground to tremble from the impact. Seiya, with unparalleled agility, leaped back, observing Goku's efforts to rise once more.

"Hehe, alright. You've earned it."

Goku's chuckle echoed through the air, acknowledging Seiya's impressive display of power. With an increasing glow of his ki, the golden hue shifted to a fiery red, signaling his transformation into the powerful Super Saiyan God form. A fierce roar tore through the battle, a testament to the immense power surging within Goku. The transformation surged through his body, exponentially amplifying his strength and capabilities.

Seiya, fueled by determination, swooped towards Goku, hoping to connect a powerful punch. However, Goku, now in Super Saiyan God form, moved with blinding speed, striking before Seiya could even register the attack. Goku's punch hurled Seiya backwards with stunning force, propelling him upward into the sky. Utilizing the instant transmission technique, Goku teleported to where Seiya would be, unleashing a potent kick that sent the Bronze Saint crashing back into the ground. Seiya managed to land gracefully on one hand and foot, but the impact created a deep crater where he stood. Seiya, reeling from the impact of Goku's attacks, gasped in astonishment,

"What kind of transformation is this?"

The pain radiating from the points where he had been hit served as a stark reminder of the raw power Goku now wielded. As the battle intensified, the two combatants traded fierce blows, their fists meeting with incredible force. Despite his resilience, Seiya found himself gradually being overpowered by Goku's newfound strength. A barrage of well-placed punches and kicks landed on the Bronze Saint, culminating in a powerful kick that sent him soaring upward into the sky.

Recovering his bearings with the help of his metallic wings, Seiya poised himself to meet the oncoming challenge. As Goku approached, Seiya responded with a well-timed punch of his own, colliding forcefully with the Saiyan's advance. The speed of their attacks rapidly accelerated, rendering their movements almost imperceptible to the naked eye, save for the telltale shockwaves generated by each impact. The whirlwind of blows intensified, creating a spectacle of power and skill that seemed to defy the very laws of physics.

As the rapid exchange of blows continued, Goku swiftly employed the instant transmission technique, materializing behind Seiya. With a powerful kick, Goku sent the Bronze Saint careening through multiple hills, ultimately coming to a halt at the base of a mountain. The force of the blow created a second impact crater, the ground and rocks around them disturbed by the sheer intensity of the collision.

Seiya, though visibly worn and battered, gritted his teeth and mustered the strength to rise, his determination unwavering. With a defiant flight, he soared back towards Goku, now showing remarkable adaptability in keeping pace with the Saiyan's overwhelming power. Their exchange of blows intensified, with an astounding dozen attacks happening every second, each delivered with fearsome speed and precision.

Seiya's relentless pursuit was met with a swift countermove from Goku, who executed a quick backflip, thrusting his arms forward with an unyielding force. With a surge of divine power, Goku enveloped Seiya in a similar red aura, effectively restraining the Bronze Saint with the powerful God Bind technique. But Seiya's resolve burned bright, his words filled with determination as he declared,

"You think this can stop me? Once I break free, you won't restrain me again!"

Seiya channeled an immense surge of cosmo energy within himself, fueling a powerful escalation in strength. Slowly but steadily, the Bronze Saint began to overcome the stifling grip of the God Bind, inching closer to liberation.

As Seiya continued to struggle and resist, straining against the God Bind, Goku could sense that the Bronze Saint was nearing the breaking point. With a swift motion, Goku retracted his hand, preparing to unleash a Full Power Energy Wave. The attack burst forth, surging forcefully towards Seiya. Though the Bronze Saint managed to intercept and block the intense blast, the sheer might of the energy wave pushed him back, showcasing the immense power behind Goku's onslaught.

Seiya strained with every ounce of strength, forcibly diverting the Full Power Energy Wave into the sky, creating a formidable display of force. In response, Goku grinned and surged ahead once more, closing the distance between them in an instant. Seiya, this time opting for a defensive stance, successfully blocked Goku's incoming strike. The impact reverberated through the air, propelling Seiya backward and carving a path of disturbance in the dusty ground.

As Seiya attempted to stabilize himself, Goku swiftly closed the gap between them, catching his arm and spinning him in a dizzying whirlwind. In a seamless move, Goku executed a Dragonthrow grapple, forcefully hurling Seiya across the field. Despite Seiya's efforts to regain balance using his wings, the momentum proved overpowering, resulting in a heavy impact on the ground. Resolute, Seiya pushed through the pain, pulling himself back onto his feet, stretching and contorting his body to alleviate any strain or discomfort from the punishing assault.

With remarkable speed and precision, Goku glided along the ground in a swift motion, misleading Seiya with what appeared to be a kick. However, in a cunning maneuver, Goku abruptly shifted his technique and delivered a powerful knee strike directly to Seiya's face, catching the Bronze Saint off guard.

With lightning-fast reflexes, Goku utilized his high-speed movement to swiftly warp to Seiya's other side, delivering a well-aimed kick that sent the Bronze Saint hurtling through the air. Without missing a beat, Goku teleported once more, appearing in front of Seiya to land a powerful swinging kick. As Goku continued his assault, he kicked Seiya backwards before materializing behind him, crafting a potent Ki blast in his hands. Goku released the energy sphere just as Seiya's body collided with it, launching both Seiya and the blast into the depths of a nearby forest.

Goku pursued Seiya into the forest, watching as Seiya's wings extended and he deftly countered an incoming attack. The two adversaries swiftly separated, weaving through the trees as the Bronze Saint unleashed waves of cosmo-powered blows, slicing through the foliage around them. Despite his best attempts, Seiya's attacks failed to find their mark, as Goku agilely evaded each strike. Seizing the opening, Goku retaliated with a powerful punch, landing a massive hit on Seiya's face with uncanny precision.

Seiya retreated, rubbing his face where Goku's punch had landed, before unleashing another Pegasus Ryusei Ken. The intensity of the attack heightened, with its speed and power increasing since the last time Seiya had employed it. Goku, caught off guard momentarily, swiftly regained his composure and diligently navigated his way through the onslaught of energy-infused attacks.

With a surprising leg sweep, Goku managed to disrupt Seiya's equilibrium, following up with a powerful backhand to the Saint's chest. The force of the hit cracked Seiya's Pegasus Cloth, sending him stumbling backward. As Seiya tried to catch his breath, he beheld Goku persistently advancing towards him.

In the midst of the intense battle, a divine intervention took place. A radiant golden light filled the sky as the barriers between dimensions crumbled. A golden box materialized in the air right above the battlefield, shattering and releasing the Sagittarius Gold Cloth. The shattered remnants of the Pegasus Bronze Cloth dispersed on the ground, making way for the gleaming gold armor of the Sagittarius Cloth to encapsulate a sense of awe, Goku remarked,

"Whoa, that armor is truly something! Looks like nothing I've ever seen before. What kind of armor is that?"

The gleaming gold armor of the Sagittarius Gold Cloth adorned Seiya, its impressive appearance leaving a lasting impression on Goku. In response, Seiya replied confidently,

"This is the Sagittarius Gold Cloth, an upgraded armor in my possession. Whenever I need it, it'll come to my aid."

The sheer power and authority emanated from the golden armor, its luster reflecting Seiya's determination and formidable presence. Goku's interest piqued as he inquired,

"Alright, I gotta admit, that's impressive. Now I'm even more excited to see what you can do."

The prospect of facing the ultimate armor ignited a sense of challenge and curiosity within Goku. As the conversation subsided, the battle resumed. With Seiya donning the Sagittarius Gold Cloth, the fight was going to intensify. Goku's enthusiasm heightened, fueled by the opportunity to clash against this new armor in Seiya's arsenal.

The confrontation escalated, with Seiya swiftly vanishing and reappearing behind Goku in a brilliant flash of golden light. He unleashed a powerful roundhouse kick, which Goku adeptly blocked using both hands. In a swift move, Goku countered with the Dragonthrow grapple, spinning Seiya around before hurling him into the sky. Seiya halted his momentum with his wings and discharged a thin beam of light that detonated upon impact, prompting Goku to leap up and engage in fervent aerial combat.

Seiya's speed had now reached new heights, matching Goku's velocity and even turning the tide from defense to offense. Each strike from the Bronze Saint carried a subtle electrical charge, intensifying with every blow. As the exchange continued, Goku forcefully pushed Seiya back, retaliating with a flurry of yellow ki spheres. Undeterred, Seiya swiftly deflected the assault, maintaining his defense and demonstrating the effectiveness of his gold armor.

Seiya deftly dodged a jab from Goku before delivering a powerful surprise punch, followed by a quick succession of attacks aimed at Goku's arms as he struggled to block. However, as Seiya persisted with his aggressive onslaught, Goku seized an opportunity to create some distance, swiftly ducking and employing a used trick.

"Solar Flare!"

With the invocation of his technique, the brilliant light unleashed by Goku momentarily obscured the battlefield, Seiya reflexively clapped his hands to shield his eyes from the intense glare. In an ironic twist, the glare from his shining gold armor reflected the Solar Flare light back at Goku, inadvertently blinding him.

Seiya, propelled by his momentum, attempted a flying punch at Goku, but found the task unexpectedly challenging. Despite Goku's temporary blindness, the Saiyan adeptly dodged every strike, effortlessly parrying each blow. Undeterred, Seiya persisted, employing a series of rapid punches and kicks, but even these failed to land, as Goku's sensory abilities quickly returned, allowing him to evade the onslaught.

Goku, driven by determination, swiftly employed Instant Transmission to warp behind Seiya and ensnared him in a headlock. However, as his hands made contact with the Gold Cloth, Goku was met with a scorching heat emanating from Seiya's body. In a swift response, Seiya shook off Goku, turning to face him and unleashing a devastating Pegasus Ryusei Ken. The attack, characterized by its extreme velocity and power, inflicted millions of rapid strikes, each punch traveling at lightspeed, upon Goku's figure.

Goku valiantly attempted to shield himself from the relentless onslaught, but the barrage proved overpowering. Continuously struck by the staggering assaults, he found himself struggling to maintain his guard. However, as Seiya concluded the attack with a final, surging punch, Goku, leaning forward in pain, miraculously intercepted the punch with a defiant clench of his fist.

With a surge of energy that seemed to set the very air ablaze, Goku's energy exploded forth from within, transforming the fiery red aura into a fiercer blue. His hair, previously lying flat against his head, suddenly surged upwards into a series of spiky locks, mirroring the blue energy. Goku's power scaled to new heights as he ascended to the legendary Super Saiyan Blue state, marking a significant shift in the balance of the fight.

Goku swiftly lifted his fist, aiming it directly at Seiya's chest, and unleashed a forceful one-inch punch. The impact resonated with such intensity that it caused a fracture in the Bronze Saint's chestplate armor, sending him stumbling backward in pain. Goku wasted no time, seizing the opportunity for a rapid follow-up. Unleashing a fast and precise helicopter kick, both of his legs connected squarely with Seiya's body, furthering the onslaught.

Goku's relentless onslaught continued, but Seiya displayed resilience, valiantly defending himself despite the pain he felt. As the fight escalated, the Bronze Saint leaped back, channeling both his energy and the powers of the Sagittarius Gold Cloth. A bolt of cosmic-powered lightning surged forth from his extended hand, colliding with an energy wave discharged by Goku, sending shockwaves through the air as the two opposing forces struggled against one another. In an explosive finale, the beams unleashed a colossal impact, and a vast dust cloud rose from the ground, obscuring the combatants' view of each other.

A fleeting instant of stillness enveloped the surroundings before Goku burst through the dust cloud, aiming a Super God Fist strike. However, Seiya evaded the attack effortlessly, demonstrating an acute awareness of his surroundings. As Goku sailed past, Seiya channeled a rush of cosmic-powered lightning through his hands, unleashing a whirlwind of infinite punches at an unfathomable speed. The Lighting Plasma attack surpassed the speed of light, overwhelming Goku with an relentless barrage of cosmic energy-infused strikes.

Initially, Goku demonstrated remarkable agility, deftly evading the first few hundred punches with ease. However, upon closer observation, he discerned the stark difference between this attack and the Pegasus Ryusei Ken he had faced earlier. The Lighting Plasma technique, unlike its predecessor, possessed an unlimited supply, making dodging increasingly challenging. Goku's defensive strategy shifted from dodging to guarding, until eventually, his guard crumbled, and Seiya continued the onslaught, ripping apart Goku's orange gi and delivering a forceful punch that connected with Goku's face.

Despite the relentless onslaught of Lighting Plasma, Goku meticulously observed the assault and spotted an opportunity. Swiftly forming a finger gun with his right hand, he aimed and fired a shot with remarkable precision, disrupting Seiya's equilibrium. The Saint hastily shifted his focus from his attack to blocking the incoming shot, preventing himself from being severely knocked back, thereby ceasing the relentless barrage of infinite punches.

The dynamic between Goku and Seiya shifted as Goku discarded the remnants of his gi's orange top, revealing the blue undershirt beneath. Leaping into action, Goku hurled a fierce punch toward Seiya's face, but the Bronze Saint swiftly shattered the attack with a powerful strike of his own. This counter caused Goku to stumble backward, gasping from the impact. Seiya seized the opportunity to unleash a potent surge of cosmically charged lightning upon Goku, causing him to cry out in pain from the assault.

Seiya's voice resonated with a mix of confidence and determination as he spoke,

"Don't you get it? Repetitive tactics won't work against me."

As Goku swiftly rebounded, launching another assault, Seiya adeptly parried the attack with remarkable ease. In response, the Bronze Saint drew back his hand, his gaze filled with a resolute smirk, and unleashed the power of Pegasus Ryusei Ken merged with the incredible might of the Sagittarius Cloth. An intense outburst of energy, known as the Atomic Thunderbolt, surged forth.

"Atomic Thunderbolt!"

Goku found himself on the receiving end of an unforgiving stream of punishing attacks, helpless to defend against the relentless barrage. The force behind the onslaught caused the ground to explode, leaving a trail of craters in its wake as the sheer power impacted the planet's surface. Seiya continued to release the Atomic Thunderbolt with unwavering determination, until finally, he ceased the assault for a brief respite, gasping for air to catch his breath from the sheer energy expended in the attack.

The aftermath of Seiya's Atomic Thunderbolt attack materialized as dust and debris settled, revealing a defeated Goku, sprawled on the ground in Super Saiyan Blue form. Though he remained transformed, the fatigue in his expression betrayed the immense effort he had exerted during their intense confrontation.

Recovering from the devastating blows, Goku pushed himself back onto his feet, brushed off the dust, and took a deep breath to stabilize his body. A momentary serenity swept over the battlefield, punctuated only by the sound of Goku's voice as he declared,

"Kaio-ken times twenty! Ahhhhhh!"

With this invocation, the tranquil atmosphere shattered, giving way to an eruption of pulsating energy that radiated from the Saiyan's body. The tranquility of the battlefield was shattered as a crimson aura radiated from Goku's body, interlaying with the existing blue aura unleashed by his transformation to Super Saiyan Blue. A burst of intense scarlet light accompanied the escalation, and in an instant, Goku propelled himself forward with a swift series of attacks, throwing off Seiya with their unexpected velocity. Despite his efforts to block and evade, Seiya found himself on the defensive, straining to react to the relentless barrage. As Goku pressed on, closing the gap between them, the tension in the air grew palpable.

As Goku's relentless barrage continued, one of his strikes managed to slip past Seiya's guard, landing a critical blow to the Saint's chest. The impact left Seiya gasping, his breath involuntarily knocked out of him. Utilizing this fleeting opportunity, Goku let out a primal roar and surged forward, poised to capitalize further on the temporary vulnerability.

Exploiting the openings created by his precise flurry of strikes, Goku targeted the pressure points on Seiya's body with uncanny accuracy, delivering a series of devastating blows to his torso. The force of each impact left Seiya reeling, ultimately propelling him into the air. Recognizing this opportunity, Goku shifted his focus, channeling all of his ki into a massive Kamehameha energy wave.


Goku's roar echoed through the expanse, heralding the unleashing of his colossal Kamehameha, infused with the raw power of his Kaio-Ken transformation. The explosive wave of energy erupted from his fingertips, tearing through the air with an almost cataclysmic force. Seiya hastily extended his hand in a desperate attempt to parry the onslaught, but his defense was quickly overwhelmed by the overwhelming power behind the attack. With each passing second, the impact of the Kamehameha intensified, leaving Seiya exposed and defenseless. Adding to the barrage, Goku soared upward within the very confines of the Kamehameha wave, determined to press the attack further.

"Dragon Fist!"

With a surge of concentrated energy, Goku mustered all his might and delivered a mighty punch, slamming it straight into the center of Seiya's abdomen. The impact resonated with an intense shockwave that echoed throughout the universe, reverberating through the very fabric of existence. In the aftermath, Goku morphed into a dazzling display, surrounded by a radiant golden aura that took the form of a fearsome, roaring dragon. Unleashing the Dragon Fist technique, Goku's powerful attack surged forward, effortlessly passing through Seiya without making physical contact.

Seiya plummeted through the Earth's upper atmosphere, his falling form igniting with flames. Just as the ground loomed dangerously near, the Bronze Saint managed to recover, unfurling his gleaming golden wings to slow his descent until he finally touched down on the surface with a gentle landing. Panting heavily, Seiya gripped his aching abdomen, the intensity of the previous onslaught leaving its mark.

Goku touched down on the ground, gradually deactivating his Kaio-Ken multiplier as the intense auras surrounding him fizzled out. A chuckle escaped his lips, and he glanced over at Seiya, commenting on the intensity of their recent exchange.

"I have to admit, those last moves were pretty wild. Did I go a bit overboard there?"

Goku replied with a grin. Seiya, recovering from the overwhelming onslaught, managed to muster a weary smile.

"Yeah, those moves were definitely a bit much."

He admitted, his exhaustion evident in his voice.

"I'm not used to fighting someone with the kind of power and speed you possess."

Goku chuckled understandingly, a hint of humor in his response.

"Well, I'll admit, I tend to get a bit carried away during a fight."

He confessed, his tone filled with a mixture of pride and humility.

"I just figured you could handle me not holding back. But here."

Taking out a bag, he pulled out a Senzu Bean, and tossed it to Seiya. The Broze Saint seemed unfamiliar with what the bean was.

"Try eating that. It should help you recover faster from our little scuffle."

Seiya caught the bean with a puzzled expression, eyeing the unfamiliar Senzu Bean.

"What is this?"

Goku chuckled, amused by Seiya's curiosity.

"It's called a Senzu Bean. It's a small bean that has incredible healing properties. Just eat it, and you'll feel back to your old self in no time."

Seiya's eyes widened in surprise, impressed by the Senzu Bean's purported abilities. He gingerly took a bite, and as the flavor of fish filled his mouth, Goku watched as Seiya's injuries began to heal at an accelerated rate. The Bronze Saint couldn't help but marvel at the bean's rejuvenating powers, feeling his energy and strength swiftly returning.


Seiya gasped, his voice filled with awe and gratitude. He saw Goku also eating one. Goku smiled, seeing Seiya's astonishment as the Senzu Bean worked its magic.

"That's the power of the Senzu Bean,"

He explained, his tone filled with a blend of pride and satisfaction as he ate one himself.

"It's a rare and valuable item that can accelerate the healing process significantly."

As the effects of the bean took hold, Goku and Seiya, both rejuvenated, stood across each other, their strength and energy restored.

"Now, you ready for some more?"

Goku asked with vigor, getting back into his fighting position. Seiya, now fully rejuvenated and recharged thanks to the Senzu Bean's healing properties, couldn't help but chuckle at Goku's relentless spirit. He flexed his muscles and took a fighting stance, preparing himself for another round.

"Ready as you are."

He replied, a confident smile playing on his lips. Goku unleashed four potent shockwaves at Seiya, generated solely by the pressure of his punches against the air. But, the Bronze Saint effortlessly deflected each one. Seizing his opportunity, Seiya swiftly caught Goku from behind and countered with another Pegasus Ryusei Ken, showering him with an infinite number of punches within a single second. The force of the attack sent Goku hurtling through a mountain, reducing it to smoldering rubble beneath his impact.

Goku, harnessing the power of Instant Transmission, teleported behind Seiya, aiming to land a powerful kick on the Bronze Saint. However, Seiya reacted quickly, blocking the attack with his hand, averting the imminent damage. In a show of sheer determination and strength, Goku and Seiya stood locked in a grueling stand-off, their fists colliding with a force that sent shockwaves radiating through the air.

Goku attempted to gain the upper hand with a series of lightning-fast kicks, but the first one was blocked by Seiya's skilled defense. However, rather than backing down, Goku swiftly pivoted, catching Seiya off guard with a powerful knee strike to the gut, momentarily destabilizing his balance. Seiya was sent hurtling through the air as the impact of Goku's kick forcibly propelled him back, creating a gust of wind swirling in his wake.

Seiya, displaying remarkable resilience, managed to stabilize himself in mid-air, regaining his composure and bolstering his defense. As Goku continued his onslaught of kicks, aiming to break through Seiya's Golden Armor, the Bronze Saint remained steadfast and unyielding. Despite the barrage of blows, the armor proved more than capable of withstanding the onslaught, showcasing Seiya's impressive defensive prowess. Goku, employing the afterimage technique, created multiple blurred copies of himself, attempting to bewilder Seiya. However, the experienced Bronze Saint was not deceived.

"I see right through your tricks." Seiya retorted.

In a swift and coordinated counterattack, they launched a simultaneous punch at each other, crashing their fists against one another's faces with uncanny synchronicity, sending shockwaves rippling through the air as they were both involuntarily propelled backward.

Goku roared in determination, his azure aura flaring ablaze as he reactivated his Kaio-Ken 20X multiplier. A blazing red layer wrapped itself around the blue aura, intensifying the power radiating from the Saiyan. With a defiant war cry, he charged directly towards Seiya, his approach exuding an indomitable resolve.

Goku executed a powerful kick that sent Seoya flying away, before swiftly following up with a knee strike to propel him higher into the air. As Seiya hung suspended in midair, Goku unleashed a devastating punch from above, sending him crashing straight back down onto the hard ground, creating another impact crater in the earth.

Goku positioned himself directly before Seiya, the air crackling with the energy he channeled. Swiftly gathering his ki, he unleashed a colossal Kaio-Ken God Kamehameha, firing the powerful beam at point-blank range. But Seiya refused to let himself be overpowered once more. He valiantly stood his ground against the onslaught of the godly ki blast, his determination shining through as he fought to overcome its overwhelming force.

Seiya, demonstrating his unwavering determination, defied the odds and reached through the ongoing stream of ki, landing a powerful punch right into Goku's face with precise aim. The blow temporarily disoriented the Saiyan, interrupting the release of the Kamehameha and forcing him to momentarily pause.

Seiya swiftly seized the opportunity to position himself behind Goku, embracing him from behind and initiating a high-velocity spin maneuver, encircling them in a whirlwind of energy. With seamless execution, he channeled his powers to release the Pegasus Rolling Crush technique, propelling them both skyward at a dizzying speed. As they ascended, the force of the technique grew stronger, culminating in a cataclysmic crash as they were hurled back down towards the earth. Upon impact, the force unleashed was sufficient to tremble the very ground beneath them, creating a colossal impact crater that extended for hundreds of feet in all directions.

Goku managed to kick Seiya out of the crater, immediately following him out and closing the distance between them. Their hands intertwined in a firm grip, creating an intense grapple between the two combatants. As they pushed against each other with tremendous force, the ground beneath them began to buckle and collapse, forming concaving craters at an alarming rate. This intense struggle continued, the pressure so immense that the ground continued to sink deeper with every few seconds, a testament to the sheer strength they were exerting against one another. Seiya observed with sharp insight, his understanding of the Kaio-Ken's mechanics becoming apparent.

"You know, I can tell that your Kaio-Ken is putting a strain on you. It takes immense focus and stamina to maintain that kind of multiplier."

Seiya's keen observation highlighted the drawback of Goku's technique. While it offered impressive power, its maintenance required a significant drain on his energy and concentration.

"Heh, you're right. Guess it's time to finally stop holding back."

Goku recognized the truth in Seiya's words and acknowledged it with a smirk, acknowledging the need to release his full capabilities. In a fluid motion, he executed a backflip, gracefully breaking away from the standstill, and deactivated the Kaio-Ken and Super Saiyan Blue, swiftly reverting to his base form. He stood there, gathering his energy and mental focus, preparing for an even greater challenge ahead.

As Goku summoned his Mastered Ultra Instinct form, his entire aura shimmered with a silvery luster. His hair flowed magnificently, returning to its original pitch black and defying gravity in the still air as it undulated without any wind to guide it. His eyes opened, revealing silver pupils that fixated intently upon Seiya. This was the pinnacle of Goku's martial arts journey, a manifestation of his relentless pursuit of mastery and the embodiment of his fighting spirit.

Seiya's eyes widened in genuine astonishment, his body betraying the shock he felt. The divine energy that surged forth from Goku's being was both breathtaking and intimidating. Even in his stillness, Goku exuded such overwhelming power that Seiya had little doubt he could effortlessly shatter any tangible object in existence. What Seiya witnessed was not merely the representation of a fighter empowered by the universe; it was a glimpse into the sheer force of creation materialized within an entity. No, it was like a billion Big Bangs making up Goku's body.

Seiya stood firm and defiant, ready to face the challenge head-on. In a defiant cry, he commanded his armor to release him, and the majestic Sagittarius Gold Armor shot off his body, returning to its rightful place. With a surge of power, Seiya summoned back his original armor, which now gleamed brilliantly, having transformed into the final and most elevated state; the Pegasus God Cloth.

The battlefield fell silent, a moment of tense anticipation suspended in the air, before a colossal shockwave rocked the universe as Goku suddenly materialized in front of Seiya, executing a lightning-fast jab straight to the Bronze Saint's chest. With pinpoint accuracy and incredible speed, Goku's attack found its mark, targeting a vulnerable spot in the gap of Seiya's defense. The impact sent Seiya stumbling back, stunned by the unexpected and perfectly timed strike.

The silver gleam in Goku's eyes intensified as he took off, his form becoming a focused and determined force, darting through the air with efficiency and purpose. He closed in on Seiya with calculated precision, his body moving like a heat-seeking missile, devoid of superfluous movement. As he prepared to deliver a punch to Seiya's right flank, the Godly Saint's instincts kicked into overdrive. With extraordinary reaction time, Seiya countered the incoming attack with a well-timed kick, successfully deflecting the punch. The resulting impact unleashed another shockwave, resonating powerfully throughout the universe, evidence of the incredible force behind their clash.

Goku, harnessing his incredible instincts, disappeared in a frenzy of light, launching a barrage of instantaneous attacks aimed directly at Seiya. Yet, Seiya's skill and focus were on par with Goku's offensive onslaught, as he efficiently repelled each incoming assault with a steady defense. In turn, Goku defended against Seiya's attacks just enough to prevent major injury. The two warriors fought intensely, their abilities and speed remarkably equal.

Seiya displayed an impressive ability to fend off Goku's offensive assaults, effectively countering jabs and sweeps with expert precision. Yet, he remained keenly aware that a single slip-up would spell immediate defeat against Goku's overwhelming strength propelled by Ultra Instinct. Despite his best efforts, the mere thought of a single blow from Goku could result in his instant defeat.

Seiya swiftly seized the opportunity to unleash the Pegasus Ryusei Ken, a technique that unleashed countless, nigh-instantaneous punches aimed directly at Goku. However, each and every punch proved ineffective as Goku expertly avoided them all. With a fluid motion, he glided past the barrage, evading every strike with incredible agility before reappearing behind Seiya, their backs now facing each other once again.

Goku executed a flawless backflip, seamlessly maneuvering so their heads were aligned perfectly. With impeccable timing, he swiftly swung his legs, delivering a powerful flying roundhouse kick directly aimed at Seiya's face, intending to completely incapacitate the Saint with a single, sweeping motion.

Seiya ducked under the kick, readying a powerful cosmo-infused punch aimed straight for Goku's face. Their fists were mere inches apart when suddenly Goku vanished, leaving Seiya in momentary surprise. A shock wave burst past him, followed by the force of a tsunami that shook his immediate vicinity. Seiya turned to face Goku once more, only to discover the Saiyan now holding a sphere of what was undoubtedly Seiya's cosmo. Goku proceeded to dissolve the sphere into harmless particles before he turned to confront Seiya again.

Seiya charged forward with a flying punch, which Goku adeptly evaded, only to counter with a chop aimed at Seiya's back. However, the attack passed right through an afterimage, leaving the Saiyan momentarily perplexed. Seiya swiftly capitalized on the distraction and unleashed a powerful elbow strike towards Goku's face. Surprisingly, the Saiyan managed to catch the elbow effortlessly in the palm of his hand, displaying his exceptional reflexes and skill.

Taking advantage of the disrupted balance, Goku unleashed a flurry of punches and kicks aimed at Seiya, attempting to overwhelm the Saint. However, the God Saint skillfully parried each blow, demonstrating the effectiveness of his armor in counteracting the assault. Despite the onslaught, Seiya remained steadfast, his armor protecting him from Goku's powerful strikes.

In a flash, Goku vanished from Seiya's field of vision, seeking to catch the Saint off guard. However, Seiya's instincts and divine senses allowed him to react just in time, thrusting his right elbow back to counter a well-aimed kick aimed at his blind spot. Despite the surprise, Seiya's quick reflexes enabled him to defend against the sneak attack.

Seiya, executing a backflip mid-air, launched a mighty Cosmo bullet aimed at Goku. Despite the deceptively small size, the sphere of energy surged forward with considerable force, effortlessly piercing right through the Moon and devastating the celestial body's interior in its wake. Seiya's eyes widened in astonishment, a hint of remorse in his tone as he muttered,


"Don't worry."

Goku nonchalantly assured Seiya with a chuckle.

"The Moon gets destroyed on the regular. Besides, I made a wish that everything will be restored once our battle ends. So you don't need to restrain yourself over possible damage."

Goku's words were filled with confidence and determination, his unwavering belief in the outcome of their battle evident in his voice. Seiya nodded, relieved by Goku's assurance.

"Well, in that case, let's go all out."

With renewed determination, Seiya prepared for the next stage of their intense battle. Goku's unwavering focus enabled him to generate a flurry of seemingly still punches, serving as a dual offense and defense. The relentless onslaught of attacks, numbering in the millions, pressed upon Seiya. In response, the God Saint ignited his Cosmo, skillfully parrying and evading the incoming barrage while executing his own Pegasus Ryusei Ken. Despite their stationary stances, the intensity of their clash reverberated through the vast expanse of the universe, leaving an unmistakable mark on the cosmic landscape.

Seiya unleashed a torrent of energy blasts from his fist, but they seemed to hit only empty space. In a sudden realization, Seiya understood that Goku had teleported behind him. With a swift counterattack, Goku materialized just behind Seiya, holding an energy blast poised to strike. Seiya's instincts kicked in, and he executed a flawless somersault, propelling himself over Goku and kicking away the potent energy blast, sending it hurtling deeper into the abyss of space.

Goku swiftly returned to the fray, conjuring multiple spheres of Ki in his hands. As he approached Seiya, the ki spheres encircled the Saint before exploding into beams of light that converged in a mesmerizing display. Anticipating this move, Seiya swiftly dropped to the ground, evading the attack and showcasing his sharp instincts. He skillfully navigated the flurry of Ki assaults without sustaining significant damage, proving his adaptability and ability to strategize against formidable adversaries.

Seiya countered with a sweeping kick, gracefully leaping over Goku's first attack. Capitalizing on the momentum, he transitioned into a quick headstand, launching a pair of kick strikes in rapid succession. Goku swiftly evaded the first kick but found himself face-to-face with the second, as Seiya's extended leg stood between them. To Seiya's surprise, Goku vanished and materialized atop the Saint's outstretched leg, his piercing gaze fixed upon Seiya. The atmosphere between them crackled with a mix of anticipation and intensity.

Caught off guard, Seiya somersaulted backward to regain his footing, leaving Goku hovering in mid-air without support. Sensing an advantage, Seiya deployed the divine wings of his Cloth to safeguard himself against Goku's swift hail of yellow ki blasts, successfully repelling each and every one. Yet, in his defensive maneuver, Seiya's vision was momentarily obstructed, allowing Goku a brief window of opportunity. Utilizing this fleeting instant, Goku teleported directly behind Seiya, already in the process of charging up another devastating Kamehameha wave.

Seiya swiftly spun around and hurled a powerful double-handed punch, unleashing an enormous burst of Cosmo that emanated from his being. However, Goku responded with a calculated maneuver. By flipping himself upside down, he effortlessly grounded the immense blast of energy using the ever-expanding sphere of his own Kamehameha wave. Despite the overwhelming force that Seiya unleashed, Goku maintained his balance and remained unaffected, successfully redirecting the energy stream without taking any damage.

With a flurry of energy and sheer determination, the fighters engaged in a fierce point-blank beam struggle. The Kamehameha unleashed by Goku collided forcefully with Seiya's own Cosmo blast, giving birth to a miniature beam struggle that sent flashes of both ki and cosmo flying in all directions. As the combatants pushed their attacks to their respective limits, an explosion of incredible power rocked the battlefield, hurtling both fighters in opposite directions, leaving them both momentarily disoriented.

With a firm stance, Seiya steadied himself in preparation for the confrontation, his honed senses on full alert. In that intense moment, he stood motionless, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Suddenly, a powerful shockwave struck the ground beside him, jolting him. Looking upward, Seiya spotted Goku above him, raining down a barrage of fearsome shockwave-infused punches aimed directly at him. In a display of incredible agility, Seiya dodged each strike, swiftly maneuvering out of the way as the impact spots on the battlefield began to crack and splinter under the tremendous force.

Unleashing his remarkable skills and agility, Seiya skyrocketed into the heavens like a blazing meteor, soaring towards Goku with explosive power. With a determined trajectory, Seiya approached the Saiyan as a potential force of cosmic destruction, intending to land a devastating kick. However, Goku showcased his extraordinary reflexes, gracefully leaping around and executing a backflip over the incoming attack. In that brief interlude, their gazes locked for a fleeting instant before Seiya swiftly spun around to face Goku once again. Goku, his breath labored and his form strained from exerting Mastered Ultra Instinct, addressed Seiya with a sincere expression.

"Listen, Seiya, I don't want to end this prematurely, but I'm nearing the limits of this form. If it times out and overtaxes my body, it could lead to some serious repercussions. So, let's finish this with our next attacks."

Goku's voice betrayed an underlying hint of caution, reflecting the immense strain of the ongoing battle. Seiya, in turn, showed a nod of understanding and determination, acknowledging the gravity of the situation. He silently prepared himself for the upcoming clash, his eyes locking onto Goku with unwavering focus. He knew that this was the moment that would determine the outcome of their epic confrontation. Without wasting a single moment, Seiya propelled himself upwards into the sky, poised to make it count in the final exchange with Goku.

A soft chuckle escaped Goku's lips as he glanced upward, anticipating Seiya's next move. As he began to charge his iconic technique, Goku spoke the familiar incantation with unwavering conviction.

"Kaaaaaa... meeeeee... haaaaaa… meeeeee…"

Every syllable echoed through the air, building anticipation and tension as the gathering energy intensified, creating an almost palpable sense of suspense around them both.

Seiya, hovering in the upper reaches of the sky, concentrated his formidable power into his clenched fist, amassing the collective force of his Pegasus Ryusei Ken for a singular, devastating attack. As he hurtled downward, a radiant glow enveloped his outstretched fist, a celestial star-like brilliance. With resolute determination, Seiya unleashed his attack, his voice ringing out as he announced it.

"Pegasus Suisei Ken!"


Goku's voice echoed with unwavering determination as he released the colossal beam of his Kamehameha wave. The massive blast, the size of a continent, surged through the air, colliding with the descending Seiya and his Pegasus Suisei Ken. Seiya could feel the intense heat and power radiating from the incoming energy wave, its devastating force closing in rapidly.


Goku roared, amplifying his power beyond his limits as he invoked the legendary technique. The planet beneath his feet erupted into a maelstrom of fiery destruction, unable to withstand the overwhelming force unleashed. The Kamehameha wave expanded to planetary proportions, its sheer size and scope breathtaking yet devastating. Despite the surge in power, Seiya stood steadfast, refusing to succumb to the overwhelming might. His God Cloth, however, strained under the immense pressure, its surface now fracturing from the titanic struggle between the two warriors.

Disbelief washed over Goku's face as he spotted the halo hovering above his head, a familiar signal that he had passed on to the afterlife. With a heavy sigh, he acknowledged his demise once more.

"Aw, darn it."

Goku exclaimed, his voice tinged with disappointment at having met his end again in battle.

Goku, still grappling with his own fate, shifted his gaze to Seiya, noticing the absence of a halo above his head. Seiya, surveying the endless void around them, let out a sigh of exhaustion and remarked,

"Whew, that was intense. I haven't faced such an overwhelming challenge since my battle against Hades in my own universe. To say your strength rivals that of gods is an understatement."

Goku nodded in agreement, acknowledging the immense power Seiya displayed.

"Yeah, you're truly extraordinary. Your strength is nothing short of astounding. Even when I unleashed the full potential of Ultra Instinct, your power continued to grow and surpass my expectations."

He chuckled softly, accepting his defeat with a mix of admiration and acceptance.

"You've pushed me to my limits and beyond. Just what I was looking for in someone like you."

Seiya smiled, a mix of pride and humility crossing his features.

"Thank you, Goku. Your power is no less remarkable. The way you wield Ultra Instinct is a sight to behold. Our clash was one for the ages, a battle I'll remember for eternity."

With a friendly shrug, he added,

"So, you mentioned that everything will be restored, right? Based on some wish?"

His voice carried a hint of curiosity, acknowledging the outcome of their epic confrontation. Goku nodded, confirming Seiya's understanding.

"Yeah, that's right. Our battle caused the destruction of the universe, so the dragon balls will eventually come into play to restore everything, just as you said."

A wry smile tugged at Goku's lips.

"But just you wait. If we ever meet again, I'll be stronger than before. And maybe I'll beat you."

Seiya couldn't help but chuckle.

"Haha! That's the spirit, Goku! I wouldn't expect anything less from you. And don't worry, I'm always training and improving too. If we cross paths again in the future, we're bound to have another legendary battle."

As the dragon balls started to fix everything back to the way they were, Goku hastily asked,

"Oh wait! I don't think you told me your name! What's your name?"

Seiya smiled, realizing the oversight in their conversation.

"Ah, fair point. My apologies for not introducing myself sooner. My name is Seiya. It's a pleasure to meet you, Goku." He extended a hand, offering a fist bump. Goku responded with a grin, his eyes glinting with excitement.

"Seiya, huh? It suits you, buddy. And the pleasure is all mine."

He accepted the offered fist bump, their knuckles connecting with a satisfying thump. With a sense of finality, the dragon balls worked their magic, undoing the damage inflicted upon the universe during the monumental battle. Goku and Seiya, now returned to their respective realms, carried the memories of their extraordinary encounter forever etched in their hearts. This titanic clash between mortals who possessed powers rivaling the gods would undoubtedly stand as an unparalleled masterpiece in the annals of time, a testament to their incredible strength and indomitable spirits.
Strength: Now this was truly a battle of the gods. Goku had the majority of power at his advantage. Ever since the power of Super Saiyan God remained attached to his base form, he could destroy 240 million universes. While the power multiplier of SSG or Ultra Instinct may not be officially stated, people seem to agree to a minimum of a 160,000X multiplier, since Goku's SS3 is 400X his base, and Vegito at a hypothetical SS3 is another 400X. Using this as a basis for every transformation stacked on top of SSG, the Ultra Instinct multiplier would be 512 trillion times his base. This would make Goku being able to destroy 770.5 quadrillion of our universes. 15.41 quintillion if he stacked Kaio-Ken on it. However, what gave Seiya the advantage is that like a certain legendary Super Saiyan, his power grew constantly, adapting to any power difference his opponent may have. While any quantifiable number is difficult to gauge for the Saint Seiya franchise, or if any individual Saint can even reach this kind of power, Seiya was able to literally raise his power to infinity, supported by Athena. This is further supported when he managed to hurt Hades, who created three separate realms of likely infinite size. This may seem like a repeat of Goku vs Superman, but while he has infinite potential with an unknown finite limit dependent on sunlight, Seiya is literally, canonically infinite, at least with his God Cloth.

Speed: Goku and Seiya likely tie in speed. Goku's speed is immeasurable, and Seiya's speed is likely around infinite as well, so while he may quantifiably faster, Goku's Ultra Instinct and Instant Transmission can let him keep up.

Skill: Goku's definitely the more skilled. Seiya is only 13, or 17 in whichever story that is, while Goku is a mid 40s martial arts master.

Experience: Goku also has much more experience. The Saiyan has fought all his life against various foes with different abilities, while Seiya has only fought against his own kind and Gods which don't really work like Dragon Ball gods.

Powers: Hakai, Spirit Bomb, Mafūba, Instant Transmission, God ki, God Bind, it does seem like that Goku has much more to throw at Seiya, but the thing is that Seiya is capable enough in that whatever trick Goku may try to pull, he can't successfully use it twice. Seiya has resisted existence erasure, the spirit bomb and mafūba would take too long, and God ki is not something the Saint is unfamiliar with.

The winner is Pegasus Seiya.
Next time:

"With great power, comes great responsibility."

"We fought once tonight. You lost. If we fight again, you'll lose again. This time, you might not get up. If you raise your weapon, I'll break your arm before you can trigger it."

Versus Series Omega - Chapter 25 - Festivewillow69 (2024)


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