How do you say shopping list in German? (2024)

How do you say shopping list in German?

die Einkaufsliste

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What is the German word for shopping?

[ˈʃɒpɪŋ] noun. (= act) Einkaufen nt ; (= goods bought) Einkäufe pl.

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What is the verb to shop in German?

The German verb einkaufen, which means 'to buy' or 'to shop,' follows the regular pattern in the present tense. However, this is a separable prefix verb, so the prefix ein- will be separated and placed after the stem when conjugating it: ich kaufe ein (I buy/shop) du kaufst ein (you -informal- buy/shop)

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How do you say give me a book in German?

German Translation: Bitte gib mir das Buch.

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What is bucket list in German?

Wunschliste f der Dinge, die man vor seinem Tod noch erleben möchte.

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How do you order words in German?

In regular German word order, German follows the rule of Subject – Verb – Object, which means, the subject usually comes first, then the verb describing what the subject is doing, then the object that is being “verbed”. This is the same in English.

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What is German slang for gift?

In German, however, the verb schenken is used quite commonly to indicate giving a gift. Once you memorize that word, the noun for “gift” is easy to remember: it is Geschenk (n.).

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What is high German called in German?

High German (Hochdeutsch)

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What is the German word for supermarket?

[ˈsuːpəˌmɑːkɪt] noun. Supermarkt m. Copyright © by HarperCollins Publishers.

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What is the plural form of shop?

1 shop /ˈʃɑːp/ noun. plural shops.

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What is the German verb for take?

The German verb nehmen means "to take". Here we will conjugate it in all its tenses and moods. While using the wrong conjugation probably wouldn't stop you from being understood, using the correct tense will make you sound more intelligent.

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How do you yell help in German?

Hilfe! (No machine translations here!)

How do you say shopping list in German? (2024)
How do you politely ask someone's name in German?

How to Say What Is Your Name in German. If you want to say “What is your name?” in German, you would either say, “Wie heißen sie?” (formal) or “Wie heißt du?” (informal).

How do you say give me the bill in German?

Die Rechnung, bitte! The bill, please! Ich möchte bitte zahlen!

What is empty in Germany?

[ˈemptɪ] adjective (+er) 1. leer ; (= unoccupied) house leer stehend attr ; seat, chair, space, place frei.

What do Germans say before taking a picture?

Germany: food-related words like "Spaghetti", "Käsekuchen" (cheesecake), or "Wurst" are used, mainly to make children laugh for the picture. Hungary: "Itt repül a kis madár" ("here flies the little bird") "cheese" is also used, mostly by younger people. India: "paneer" (Hindi: पनीर), people also say hari.

What does AOK mean in Germany?

The AOK — short for Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse — is the largest state health insurance scheme in Germany. Almost half of all employees are insured by it. In every large town there is an independently run AOK office. Foreigners may also receive help from these offices if they fall ill while in Germany.

What comes first in German?

What is the word order in German grammar? The basic German sentence order is subject, verb and object. The subject comes first or immediately after the verb (if the subject is not the first element of the sentence).

Can you name three gender in German?

Unlike English, every noun in German is assigned one of three genders: masculine, feminine or neuter. Some of the genders are obvious, such as the word for 'woman' is feminine (die Frau), the word for 'man' is masculine (der Mann) and the word for 'boy' is masculine (der Junge).

What is the easiest German word to say?

Basic German words
  • Guten Tag = Good day.
  • Hallo = Hello.
  • Auf Wiedersehen = Goodbye.
  • Bitte = Please.
  • Danke = Thanks, Thank you.
  • Entschuldigung = Sorry.
  • Gesundheit = Bless you (after someone sneezes)
  • Ja = Yes.
Jul 26, 2018

How do you say hey what's up in German?

= Hey, was geht ab?” (slang) Hey, what's happening? / Hey, what's up? = Yo, was geht ab? (slang)

What is a girlfriend in German slang?

Meine Freundin

What is a German word that means thank you?


What do you buy a German friend?

German-themed décor

You might think about giving your friend something with a German vibe for their home since Germans are known for their love of home décor. A set of beer steins, a cuckoo clock, or a collection of holiday decorations are possible choices.

What is the tallest word in German?

The longest word in the standard German dictionary is Kraftfahrzeug-Haftpflichtversicherung – which is the word for motor vehicle liability insurance.


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