What does Ich bin ein feigling mean? (2024)

What does Ich bin ein feigling mean?

Ich war ein Feigling. I have been a coward.

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What does Ich war ein feigling mean?

Ich war ein Feigling. I have been a coward.

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What does feigling mean in English?

British English: coward /ˈkaʊəd/ NOUN. A coward is someone who is easily frightened and avoids dangerous or difficult situations.

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What does Ich bin ein feigling und wollte nicht mean?

The sign reads "Ich bin ein feigling und wollte nicht fur das deutsch volk kampfen" in hand-painted white letters which roughly translates to "I'm a coward and did not want to fight for the German nation." Two bent nails protrude from the backside for hanging purposes.

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What does Ich bin mean in English?

Ich bin, or I am, comes from the verb sein, meaning to be. Ich bin is the first-person singular conjugation of sein. Ich means I.

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What does German word ein mean?

Ein and eine are indefinite articles like “a” and “an” in English. You can also use these articles for the word “one” but only when you're counting. For example, ein Hund “one dog” or eine Katze “one cat.” They shouldn't be confused with the actual number for “one”, which is Eins.

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What does Ein mean in Germany?

Ein means "a" or "one (of something)" in some Germanic languages for nouns with masculine or neuter grammatical gender in the nominative case. The feminine form is "eine". Example: in German "Ein Hund" is "A dog" ("eine Esche" is "an ash" (the tree)). Not to be confused with "eins," which means "(the number) one".

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What percentage of alcohol is in feigling?

With only 20% alcohol by volume, Kleiner Feigling has almost no discernible alcohol taste like many of its other fruit flavored competitors.

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What is a Feigling drink?

Kleiner Feigling is a fig flavoured vodka drink from Germany. This is often drunk by tapping the bottle upside down on a table which will fill the bottle with bubbles, just don't forget to turn it back up the right way before opening.

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What does Kuhn mean in German?

Kühn is a German word meaning "bold" and may refer to: Kühn (surname), a family name. a nickname for rulers and generals.

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What does Ich Danke mean in English?

Translation of "ich danke" in English. Noun. I thank.

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What does Ich danke dir mean?

Ich danke Dir/Ihnen – “I thank you

What does Ich bin ein feigling mean? (2024)
What does Ich und Du mean?

Ich und Du, usually translated as I and Thou, is a book by Martin Buber, published in 1923, and first translated from German to English in 1937. I and Thou.

What does Ich bin Blau mean?

Another way to use this expression is Ich bin blau, “I'm drunk.” You can use this at a party when you've possibly had one too many, and it may signal to your friends that it's time to go home.

Can I say ich bin gut?

Ich bin gut implies that you're good (at something) rather than that you're feeling good. This is a common mistake many English speakers make, and it's important that you avoid it. Always say Mir geht es gut.

What does Ich liebe dich mean?

Ich liebe dich is the most common way to express love in German. Ich liebe dich in English is literally “I love you.” We can use ich liebe dich with anyone we love.

What does Ein Stein mean in German?

Einstein is a German-Jewish surname. " Ein stein" is German for "a rock". It is strongly associated with German-born American physicist Albert Einstein. People with the surname include: Albert Einstein (1879–1955)

What does so ein quatsch mean?

so ein Quatsch! what a load of rubbish!

What's the difference between Ein and Eine in German?

In German, ein is the indefinite article, just like “a” in English. But because German has gendered nouns and cases, ein has endings that change to meet the gender and case of the noun that it is attached to. In Nominative case, there is “ein” for masculine and neutral nouns, and “eine” for feminine nouns.

What does ß mean in English?

The German letter ß is a ligature and is also called a “scharfes s” (sharp s). But it's simpler than it sounds–it actually just means “ss”. The best thing about this letter? It sounds exactly like the “s” sound in English!

What is the German word for 1?

eins ainzh

Is Ein plural in German?

Indefinite article

This article, ein-, is used equivalently to the word a in English. Like its English equivalent (though unlike Spanish), it has no direct form for a plural; in this situation a range of alternatives such as einige (some; several) or manche (some) would be used.

What happens if you drink 100% alcohol?

If you drink undiluted, pure ethyl alcohol it has a severe drying effect on mucous membranes. It is extremely irritating and burning. It is, after all, used as a lab solvent.

What does Feigling taste like?

Notes: Smooth, medium-bodied. Aromas and flavors of citrus, Mediterranean figs. apple and pear.

What alcohol is almost 100%?

1. Polmos Spirytus Rektyfikowany Vodka. The world's strongest spirit is a rectified Polish spirit that is normally used for home distillers to create their own flavored vodkas at home. You can drink it straight, but since it's almost pure alcohol, it's got quite the kick and is generally not recommended.


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