Is Rotterdam a good city? (2024)

Is Rotterdam a good city?

Rotterdam is a multicultural hub with a modern look, low level of corruption, an advanced public transport system and superb network of bike-paths. While less touristy than some of its neighboring Dutch cities, Rotterdam hosts the largest port in Europe, making it an important transit, logistical and marine center.

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Which is nicer Rotterdam or Amsterdam?

Rotterdam has a distinct city vibe while Amsterdam is more of a town. Amsterdam has centuries-old architecture, coffee-shops and liberal attitude to life and Rotterdam has striking modern architecture, world-class dining and a very cool, laid back feel. While Amsterdam has a big port, Rotterdam's port is huge!

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Is Rotterdam good place to live?

Lifestyle and culture in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a thriving city with a lively culture. While the shopping, nightlife and restaurant scenes are constantly bubbling with activity, the city also hosts many annual events and is home to a host of museums and attractions worth visiting.

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Why is Rotterdam so popular?

The port of Rotterdam is a major international hub and a symbol of trade, innovation and maritime history. As one of the largest ports in the world, a boat tour around the harbour or a visit to the Maritime Museum Rotterdam is definitely recommended.

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Is Rotterdam a livable city?

This year saw Rotterdam make its debut in the Global Liveability Index, and, placing 28th out of the 172 cities included, managed to become the highest-ranked new city.

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Is Rotterdam a walkable city?

Central Rotterdam is easily walkable. To reach neighborhoods that are farther afield, the city has an efficient underground metro, tram network, bus system and water-taxi service. The city is also well equipped for cycling.

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How much is a train ride from Rotterdam to Amsterdam?

Overview: Train from Rotterdam to Amsterdam
Distance35 miles
Average train duration1 h 13 min
Average train ticket price£16 (€18)
Train frequency133 a day
Direct trainYes, there are 113 direct trains a day
1 more row

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Is English widely spoken in Rotterdam?

Rotterdam is a huge port, providing access to North Sea to southern Germany. So not only do these cities have the largest populations, they also have the densest concentration of English speakers.

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What is the racial makeup of Rotterdam?

White alone, percent 85.8%
Black or African American alone, percent(a) 5.9%
American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent(a) 0.0%
Asian alone, percent(a) 2.2%
54 more rows

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Can you speak English in Rotterdam?

About 90% of the population is able to have a well spoken conversation in English. This is logical reasoning since the Dutch put an emphasis on learning English as a secondary language from a young age.

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How far apart are Amsterdam and Rotterdam?

The distance between Amsterdam and Rotterdam is 78 kilometers (48 miles).

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Is Rotterdam a party city?

Rotterdam is also a great city for nightlife, with a mix of trendy clubs, bars, and live music venues. The city is known for its cutting-edge electronic music scene, and it's home to some of the best clubs in the country.

Is Rotterdam a good city? (2024)
Where do the rich live in Rotterdam?

The most affluent neighbourhood of Rotterdam is Hillegersberg Opens external, to the immediate north of the north ring of the motorway. This area is very green and spacious sporting many old and characteristic residential buildings, 2 small lakes and a woodland area.

What is the average price of a house in Rotterdam?

Housing market in Rotterdam (November 2023)

The average list price decreased to 397,368 euros this quarter from 401,775 euros in the last quarter. The average WOZ value, a measure of property value in the Netherlands, went from 282,035 euros in 2022 to 328,084 euros in 2023.

How much does an apartment cost in Rotterdam?

So, you can find a studio apartment in the city center for €1000 per month, and large apartments (4 rooms) will cost €2000. The apartment on the outskirts of the city will be a little cheaper: there are options from €600 for a studio and €1300 for large apartments.

Do you need a car to live in Rotterdam?

We advise you not to take your car with you to Rotterdam if you live there, because public transport is well organised, there are enough options available to transport yourself by bicycle and a parking permit is very expensive. It is also possible to rent a car for occasional use.

Where not to stay in Rotterdam?

The areas that are often described as more “dangerous” (for Dutch standards at least) are the south and the west. “South” being the region south of the Maas river (with some exceptions like Kop van Zuid and Noordereiland), and “West” being the area between Delfshaven and Schiedam, especially Marconiplein.

What is unique about Rotterdam?

The biggest port in Europe

The Port of Rotterdam is the largest sea port in Europe, handling almost twice the amount of cargo as the ports of Antwerp and Hamburg. Only in East Asia can you find larger sea ports and Rotterdam is the only European port amongst the top 10 busiest ports in the world.

Is Rotterdam cheap to live?

Ranking as the 3rd most expensive city in the Netherlands, Rotterdam is your ideal choice if you can't afford the more expensive Amsterdam and Utrecht.

Is Amsterdam or Rotterdam cheaper?

Conversely, a furnished 3-bedroom apartment for rent in Rotterdam city centre will only set you back 1.325 euros. The price range for Rotterdam city centre is around 900 euros to 2.000 euros, which is almost 1.000 euros cheaper than Amsterdam!

Can Rotterdam be a day trip from Amsterdam?

Rotterdam is the perfect day trip. It's easily reachable from cities like Brussels and Amsterdam. It's small, so you can easily explore everything in a short amount of time.

Is Rotterdam cheaper than Amsterdam?

Cost of Living Comparison Between Amsterdam and Rotterdam

You would need around 4,455.5€ in Rotterdam to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 5,200.0€ in Amsterdam (assuming you rent in both cities).

Is it OK to speak English in Amsterdam?

English is very widely spoken in Amsterdam, and the Netherlands – it's a super English friendly city. In fact, a staggering 90% of the Dutch population speak English fluently as a second language, making it relatively simple for native English speakers to navigate Amsterdam.

Why are there so many immigrants in Rotterdam?

In Rotterdam, around half of the population has a non-Dutch background, with many coming from countries such as Turkey, Morocco, and Suriname. This is partly due to Rotterdam's history as a major port city, which attracted immigrants from around the world for work.

How many Muslims live in Rotterdam?

Thirteen per cent of the population in Rotterdam is Mus- lim (80,000 people). The largest of these communities are predominantly from Turkish and Moroccan backgrounds (75 per cent) and approximately two-thirds of these groups are Dutch citizens.


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